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Lincoln Electric at Euroblech 2018 in Germany

Video testimonial Micro Maschinenbau / Germany

Lincoln Electric Cutting – NEWS


EuroBLECH – Hanover, Germany

Many thanks for the outstanding interest in our cutting and welding solutions!

TORCHMATE Plasma Cutting Machine

Lincoln Electric Cutting Solutions its compact and versatile plasma cutting system. I cuts steel plates up to 1250 x 2500 mm and… » more

PYTHONX Steel Beam Processing

PYTHONX from Lincoln Electric is an steel beam processing machine that cuts with plasma. PythonX automatizes up to 5 different fabrication steps in a very effective and cost saving way» more

Online Guidance – Plasma Cutting

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We would like to provide advice:

You are interested in plasma cutting? You know what you would like to cut with plasma? You are not quite sure what you really need to do your job?
No problem – we are here to help. Using our plasma cutting online guidance will let you find quickly the plasma power source or plasma cutting table that fits your needs.
Tim is here to help you… » to plasma online guidance

Lincoln Electric Cutting – Offer!

TORCHMATE –  More from the very start

The Plasma Cutting added value package

From the very start on the TORCHMATE plasma cutting machine offers all you need for effective working. Cut steel up to 25 mm with a FLEXCUT 125 Amp air plasma power source. Control your Torchmate with Accumove unit via a modern 20“ touchscreen. Be productive with the plasma cutting system which will be ready to go into operation within one hour. Get to know the advantages of a TORCHMATE… » here.