• burny phantom II cnc controller plasma cutting CNC Controller for up to 2 plasma and 6 oxyfuel torches
    Burny Phantom II - CNC Controller for Plasma and Oxyfuel


the perfect solution for your Plasma/Oxyfuel cutting machine

Top Features:

  • Operator console that contains full plasma functionality, up to for 2 plasma stations, up to 6 oxyfuel stations, a single marker and auxiliary functions
  • Choose between integrated AC drives, DC drives or external drive interface configurations
  • New PC platform with advanced multi-core processor technology combined with standard 3 axis drives
  • Touchscreen display with new intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and improves operator productivity
  • Extremely precise and repeatable cut parts
  • Ultrasharp-ReadyULTRASHARP® Ready! The ULTRASHARP® option allows you, on the BURNY PHANTOM II generated programs using the shape library, or for .dxf or .dwg files load from an external source, to add the necessary cutting data that allow you to cut holes in UULTRASHARP® cut quality. The cutting data is loaded from a database on the controller, the operator has to select material and material thickness only. . Detailed information about ULTRASHARP® can be found here …


The advanced PHANTOM II CNC shape cutting controller is designed for use with multiple axis cutting machines. It features an operator console that contains full plasma functionality for 2 plasma stations, up to 6 oxyfuel stations, a single marker and auxiliary functions. The new software provides improved flexibility and ease of use for the operator. The end result is excellent cut quality and high productivity.

Utilizing the proprietary motion engine, the PHANTOM II motion control software produces extremely precise and repeatable cut parts. The system contains many software features not found in comparable numerical controls, such as true multitasking and .dxf file conversion.

Adaptable to any cutting machine and virtually all plasma systems, the PHANTOM II system is a rugged, reliable and easy to use shape cutting controller that fits your application requirements on new machines or as an upgrade on your old cutting machine.

Technical details

  • 15 in. industrial TFT USB Touchscreen
  • 26Ghz Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Mobile
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 40GB or Larger (SATA) industrial grade solid-state hard drive for robust performance
  • Windows® 8 OS (Embedded)
  • Connectivity Options: USB, Wireless Standard
  • Physical Controls: 8 Direction Keypad, Start, Stop, Go To, Reverse, and Feed Rate Potentiometer
  • Operators Console Functions for:
    • 6 Station Selectable Oxyfuel
    • 2 Plasma
    • 1 Marker
    • High/Low Preheat
    • Water Spray
    • Provisions for Automatic Oxyfuel Ignition
    • Provisions for Automatic Height Control
    • Provisions for Plasma Voltage Height Control
    • Auxiliary Functions
  • Drive System and Accessories:
    • 3 axis 250 watt DC drives
    • 3 axis 400 watt AC drives
    • External drive interface version available
    • DC and AC motors
    • High accuracy gearboxes (optional)
    • Drive system cables (optional)
  • Operating Environment: 0 to 50°C; 95% humidity (non-condensing)
  • Partial List of Operating Languages: French, German, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish
  • Warranty: 1 year on controller
  • CE Compliant