• Linc-cut cutting machine Plasma cutting machine
    Lincoln Electric, LINC-CUT Plasma cutting machine


Air Plasma Cutting and Marking without compromises

Top Features:

High-grade cutting system

  • Compact unit
  • Cutting range 1,500 – 3,000 mm up to 25 mm mild steel
  • Suited for smaller fabrication shops with limited floorspace
  • System package including FLEXCUT 125, BURNY DAGGER NC controller and machine frame, ready to cut!
  • All components from ONE MANUFACTURER!
  • One-year warranty for the machine, 3-year warranty for the plasma power source FLEXCUT 125
  • Optional FineLine plasma power sources of the SPIRIT II line available
  • Cutting table with segment extraction and removable dross containers


Plasma cutting, plasma marking

Download LINC-CUT System Folder
Download LINC-CUT Data Sheet
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Product description

The LINC-CUT cutting system is designed for a number of plasma cutting applications and cuts steel from 1 – 25 mm. The LINC-CUT is a modern, high-quality cutting system, suited for smaller fabrication shops as it requires little space, and boasts impressive performance data. All components integrated in the LINC-CUT are exclusively manufactured by Lincoln Electric and are therefore perfectly attuned. No matter whether it is the BURNY DAGGER NC – equipped with our SmartHC plasma torch height control -, FLEXCUT 125A, or the Spirit II FineLine plasma power source and – last but not least – the machine frame with linear bearings for the X, Y and Z axes, all are perfectly matched and deliver perfect results.

The LINC-CUT comes standard with the FLEXCUT 125A air plasma power source and can pierce and cut mild steel with a thickness of up to 25 mm. It cuts 10 mm mild steel, for instance, at a speed of 2700 mm/min. The FLEXCUT 125 supports both plasma cutting and plasma marking with the same set of consumables. The optionally available plasma power sources of the SPIRIT II series permit to meet the highest quality standards in plasma cutting.

Practice-oriented design

The rigid steel frame construction of the machine significantly contributes to the precise guidance of the cutting unit. The steel frame permits very even movements as well as an excellent and consistent positioning accuracy and is at the same time the base frame for the LINC-CUT cutting table. It consists of a plate support system of 1,500 x 3,000 mm containing individual dross containers. The flap control permits the extraction on individual table segments exactly where the cutting fumes arise. Each container can be removed and be easily cleaned from burning residues and dross. The plate support system can carry steel plates of up to 25 mm, is stand-alone and cushions all impact loads on the machine frame that may occur during loading and unloading.

The Plug-and-Play design of the LINC-CUT Systems simplifies the installation and commissioning of the machine which can be completed in less than one day. LINCOLN ELECTRIC as manufacturer and your single point of contact provides you with excellent service whenever you need support and advice.

Technical data

Machine specification

  • Input voltage: 415V, 3 phases, 50/60 Hz at 140A
  • Extraction table: 5 – 8 bar compressed air required
  • Drive system: AC servomotors, 1,2NM, 3000RPM, 400 Watt
  • Height control vertical lift: 150 mm
  • Positioning speed: 16,000 mm/Min
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.5mm
  • Machine repeatability: 0.1mm

Cutting table specifications

  • Cutting range 1,500 x 3,000 mm
  • Total height: 1,650mm
  • Total length: 2,250 mm
  • Total width: 4,500 mm
  • Weight: 2,250 kg

BURNY DAGGER NC controller

  • Control panel: 15″ LCD Display with touch-screen
  • 6 arrow keys, Start, Stop, Go To, Reverse
  • Processor: 1,8GHz Intel Atom Dual Core D525
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Hard disk: 128 GB (SSD)
  • Operating system: Windows 8 Embedded
  • Connection: USB, WLAN
  • Input voltage: 115 VAC/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


  • Cutting amperage 20-125 Amp
  • Input power: 380/400/415/460/575
  • Input current: 40A (at max. output power)
  • Rated output power: 125AV @ 40%; 175A @ continuous duty
  • Cutting gas: air
  • Dimensions: 526 x 311 x 648 mm
  • Weight: 53.5 kg

Cutting chart

FLEXCUT 125 CE cutting chart


Consumables / spares

Order number Designation
K4300-4 LC125M Maschine-plasma- cutting torch 7,5 m
K4300-5 LC125M Maschine-plasma- cutting torch 15 m
K4300-6 LC125M Maschine-plasma- cutting torch 22,5 m
BK14300-1 ELECTRODE (45-125A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-3 SHIELD CAP (45-65A), LC125M (2-PACK)
BK14300-4 SHIELD CAP(85A-105A-125A), LC125M (2-PK)
BK14300-7 NOZZLE (45A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-8 NOZZLE (65A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-9 NOZZLE (85A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-10 NOZZLE (105A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-11 NOZZLE (125A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-13 SWIRL RING (45A-125A), LC125M (2-PACK)
BK14300-14 RETAINING CAP (45A-125A), LC125M (1-PK)
BK14300-15 RETAINING CAP(45A-125A) CTP,LC125M (1PK)