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  • pythonx steel beam cutting Robotic Plasma Cutting Machine
    PythonX II Structural Steel Robotic Plasma Cutting Machine


Pythonx steel beam cutting processing by a single machine

Top Features

  • Automation avoids errors which may arise in a manual process
  • Automatizes complex fabrication steps
  • Avoids multiple handling
  • Drills, saws, copes, marks, etc.
  • Replaces 5 or more machines
  • Requires little floorspace (1 instead of 5 machines)

Processes :

  • Plasma cutting, marking
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Product description

Highly efficient multiple steel beam fabrication with a single machine.
The installation and adjustment of a complete fabrication line for steel beam processing is normally very time-consuming. Various processing machines need to be usefully and efficiently integrated into and adjusted to the fabrication process. This is a very complex task.
PYTHONX simplifies all these processes. In next to no time the PYTHONX enables you to replace many individual steps in steel beam fabrication with a single process step. Various operations like drilling, sawing, coping, marking and others are performed by a single machine, multiple handling thus being avoided and processing times along the entire fabrication process being reduced. Another advantage is that the PYTHONX uses signifcantly less floorspace as it combines up to five process steps into a single one.

The more than 275 machines already in operation are the statistical evidence that the PYTHONX accounts for the smallest portion of fabrication and ancillary costs in steel beam fabrication. That way you can significantly increase productivity in your company with a single investment.

PHYTONX offers the following advantages:

  • Replaces 5 or more individual machines, like, for instance, drill line, bandsaw, coping, plasma cutting and marking machines. All these machines would be needed to reach the capabilities of the PYTHONX.
  • You can easily automize every fabrication area.
  • Avoids multiple processing: In a typical process, steel beams are handled between 6 and 13 times. This ties up a lot of labor time without creating value. The PYTHONX combines all fabrication steps in one station and in one operation.
  • Little space requirement: The PYTHONX only uses the space of a bandsaw with infeed and outfeed stations, leaving free space for other fabrication steps.
  • Avoids errors: Manual fabrication process steps and errors in reading of dimensional drawings are factors which are prone to producing a negative effect on your fabrication process. The PYTHONX automizes all these process steps and delivers a precision outmatching that of manual processes.
  • Automatizes complex fabrication process steps: The PYTHONX automatizes the most difficult and time-consuming process steps like coping, beveling, cutting out, marking, scribing, making bolt holes and cutting to length. Operations normally taking 10 – 20 minutes are now performed in less than one minute. Owing to this economy of time, the PYTHONX brings a return on investment in less time as compared to individual components, like, for instance a sawing and/or drilling line.
  • Versatility: Owing to its versatile functions the PYTHONX can be used in almost any area of steel beam processing and guarantees a high degree of capacity utilization.

Technical data

Machine capability  
Produces quality bolt holes yes
Maximum hole diameter 609 mm
Produces layout marks for clips & stiffeners yes
Download form Desugn/Detailing software TEKLA, SDS/2, StruCAD, ProSTEEL, AUTOCAD, any shape
Time to cut to lenght one W24 x 100 1 Min. 15 Sec.
Automatic part handling yes
Cut copes with CNC accuracy yes
Make cutouts for bracing & knife connections yes
Fabricate complete stair stringers yes
Miter cut yes
Cut slots & any other shapes yes
Weld prep bevel cut yes
Rip I-Beams into T-Beams yes
Tool change required never