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LINCOLN ELECTRIC® Plasma Cutting Systems to suit every need

LINCOLN ELECTRIC Cutting Solutions is a supplier of plasma cutting systems for almost every application. The line of products ranges from the TORCHMATE Series which meets the demands of small metalworking companies, through LINC-CUT for heavy-duty daily use , up to PYTHONX designed for the efficient processing of steel beams.


The LINC-CUT® BASIC  –  Entry level plasma cutting system

The LINC-CUT BASIC with a cutting range of 1000 x 1000 mm is the entry-level model for occasional plasma cutting….

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TORCHMATE® 4400 / 4800

The TORCHMATE® plasma cutting system

TORCHMATE 4400 and 4800 are the compact and – if you want – also mobile entries into the plasma cutting world. The system comprises the FLEXCUT 125 A power source and an ACCUMOVE controller which is operated using a 20″ touch-screen. After delivery and installation, the TORCHMATE is ready for operation within less than one hour.

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The LINC-CUT® plasma cutting system

The LINC-CUT cutting system is a complete solution for smaller metalworking shops. The System encompasses FLEXCUT 125A, an air plasma power source, a BURNY DAGGER NC controller, a dynamic drive solution and a sturdy steel structure for machine bridge and cutting table.

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The PYTHONX® plasma cutting multi station

The PYTHONX System is the center-piece in steel beam processing. Drill line, bandsaw, coping, marking and plasma cutting lines are all replaced with a single processing unit. Processing steel beams efficiently while saving time and money, this is PYTHONX.

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