• Flexcut 125 Air Plasma power source air plasma cutting machine
    FlexCut 125 air plasma cutting power source


Powerful 125A air plasma system

Top Features:

  • Marking using air or nitrogen
  • TouchStartTM System for reliable arc initiation
  • Built-in voltage divider card
  • Cut and mark with the same consumables
  • Rapid Arc Restrike


  • Plasma cutting, gouging and marking
Download FLEXCUT 125CE Data Sheet

Product description

The Lincoln FLEXCUT® plasma cutting concept stands for:

Reduced operational costs

  • Up to six times longer consumable life
  • Maintains faster cut speeds
  • Virtually dross-free cuts reduces need for finishing

Best cut performance

  • Mechanized piercing of 25 mm
  • Better edge quality
  • Cut, mark and grid-cut capabilities

Easy to set, easy to use

  • Simple controls make set up easy
  • Easy to read full color graphic display
  • Reliable arc starting without high frequency
  • Easy monitoring of machine status


Steel fabrication, pipe cutting, structural steel fabrication, automotive/transportation, shipbuilding, Steel Service Centers

Technical data

  • Cutting amperage 30-125 Amp
  • Input power: 380/400/415/460/575V
  • Input current: 40A (at max. output current)
  • Rated output power: 125AV, 175VDC bei 100% Einschaltdauer
  • Cutting gas: air
  • Dimensions: 526 x 311 x 648 mm
  • Weight: 53.5 kg

Cutting chart

FLEXCUT 125 CE cutting chart


Consumables / spares

Order number Designation
K4300-4 LC125M Maschine plasma cutting torch 7,5 m
K4300-5 LC125M Maschine plasma cutting torch 15 m
K4300-6 LC125M Maschine plasma cutting torch 22,5 m
BK14300-1 ELECTRODE (45-125A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-3 SHIELD CAP (45-65A), LC125M (2-PACK)
BK14300-4 SHIELD CAP(85A-105A-125A), LC125M (2-PK)
BK14300-7 NOZZLE (45A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-8 NOZZLE (65A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-9 NOZZLE (85A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-10 NOZZLE (105A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-11 NOZZLE (125A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-13 SWIRL RING (45A-125A), LC125M (2-PACK)
BK14300-14 RETAINING CAP (45A-125A), LC125M (1-PK)
BK14300-15 RETAINING CAP(45A-125A) CTP,LC125M (1PK)