LINCOLN ELECTRIC® Retrofit Solutions


Older, less efficient shape cutting machines can be retrofit with BURNY CNC systems and LINCOLN ELECTRIC precision plasma equipment to improve quality, increase throughput, and eliminate costly secondary processing at same time. Extend the life of existing equipment without making a six figure investment.

BURNY numerical controls and drive systems can be retrofitted to almost any cutting system. Providing these services and more since the early 70’s, BURNY has expertise with systems that incorporate oxy-fuel, plasma, waterjet, routers and other cutting processes.

We offer market leading PC based numerical control solutions that can replace older low productivity systems that can cause service headaches, produce poor quality parts and rob your company of profits. We also offer DC brush and AC brushless drive systems in a wide range of power ratings, as well as top-of-the-line nesting software.

In addition to numerical controls and drive systems, BURNY offers a full range of accessory components that include height control systems, marking tools, gas consoles and much more. Upgrading cutting machines reduce machine downtime, produce high quality parts and increase profits.