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  • Lincoln Electric, LINC-CUT BASIC Plasma Cutting System


Air Plasma Cutting at entry level

Top Features:

  • Compact unit for limited floorspace
  • Cutting range 1,000 – 1,000 mm up to 25 mm mild steel
  • Suited for small fabrication shops and training schools
  • System package including TOMAHAWK 1538, ACCUMOVE 3 NC controller and machine frame, ready to cut!
  • Single Source components
  • One-year warranty for the machine, 3-year warranty for the plasma power source TOMAHAWK 1538
  • Waterfilled Cutting table


Plasma cutting

Download LINC-CUT BASIC System Folder
Download TOMAHAWK 1538 Data Sheet
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Product description

The LINC-CUT ® BASIC cutting system cuts mild steel up to 25 mm. Its a modern plasma cutting system for training schools or small metal shops in a compact design. All system components are manufactured by Lincoln Electric. ACCUMOVE 3  and TOMAHAWK 1538 are perfectly matched and deliver best results. 

The LINC-CUT® BASIC comes standard with a water filled cutting table. The TOMAHAWK 1538 air plasma power source and can pierce and cut mild steel with a thickness of up to 25 mm. It cuts 10 mm mild steel, for instance, at a speed of 2200 mm/min. The ACCUMOVE 3 controller and Visual Machine Designer Software is easy to learn and handle.

The Plug-and-Play design of the LINC-CUT BASIC system simplifies the installation and commissioning of the machine which can be completed in a few hours. LINCOLN ELECTRIC as manufacturer and your single point of contact provides you with excellent service whenever you need support and advice.

Technical data


  • Primary Voltage: 400V, 3 Phasen, 50/60 Hz bei 32A
  • Currant Range: 20 – 100A
  • Required Inlet Pressure: 6,0 – 7,5 bar
  • Dimensions: 455 x 301 x 640 mm
  • Weight: 34 kg

Cutting table

  • waterfilled
  • Cutting range 1.000 x 1.000 mm
  • Height: 850mm
  • Length: 1.400 mm
  • Width: 1.400 mm

ACCUMOVE 3 NC controller with VMD software and console

Motion an I/O 

  • 4-Axis servo or stepper base model; 8, 12, or 16 Axis options available
  • All axes are programmable for coordinated, copy, mirror or independent action
  • Encoder maximum input frequency is 40MHz. 10MHz maximum stepper output
  • (16) 5-35VDC level inputs and (16) 24VDC level outputs (3A capacity for all outputs
  • By using an external 24VDC supply for I/O, outputs can be boosted to 500mA each
  • Analogue output
  • External contact
  • Zusätzliche 5-35VDC Pegel-Eingänge und 24VDC Pegel-Ausgänge optional.


  • RS232 communication ports
  • Ethernet port


  • 24VDC input power (90W)


  • 292mm x 241 mm x 140 mm (WxHxD)

Consumables / spares

Order number Designation
KP4141-1 ELECTRODE, LC105 (5 PK)
KP4141-2 SHIELD CAP (60-80A), LC105 (2 PK)
KP4141-3 SHIELD CAP (100A), LC105 (2 PK)
KP4141-4 NOZZLE (40A), LC105 (5 PK)
KP4141-5 NOZZLE (60A), LC105 (5 PK)
KP4141-6 NOZZLE (80A), LC105 (5 PK)
KP4141-7 NOZZLE (100A), LC105 (5 PK)
KP4141-9 SWIRL RING, LC105 (2 PK)