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    Plasma Bevel

Plasma Bevel Cutting

Optimized welding preparation

Features of plasma bevel cutting 

  • True multitasking while bevel cutting
  • Same SPIRIT II consumables; same consistency for bevel and straight cuts
  • Superior torch design provides less angular variance throughout cut face
  • Innovative light weight bevel design
  • Fixed tool center point eliminates kinematic adjustments
  • Robust design for heavy industrial environment
  • Reduce engineering costs by implementing complete bevel solution
  • Easy programming through BURNY 10LCD PLUS controller
  • Consistent bevel quality for holes and edges

Description Plasma bevel Cutting

Plasma bevel cutting is a very effective method for welding edge preparation since here the cutting of the component and the preparation of welding edge takes place in one step. It can hereby prepare welding edges for V, Y and K-seams.

The excellent cut quality of our SPIRIT® II system is also achieved with plasma bevel cutting. The BURNY® controller, the SPIRIT® II plasma power source and the bevel unit are perfectly matched and with this package you will reach an optimal result at each weld preparation.

Supporting Products for Plasma bevel Cutting

For plasma bevel cutting the following items are required:

  • BURNY® 10LCD PLUS with integrated SmartHC plasma height control
  • SPIRIT® II plasma power source


  • BURNY® Bevel

Plasma Bevel

  • Traveling distance Side-Side: 95°
  • Traveling distance Forward & Back: 95°
  • Full Rotation: 360°
  • Speed: 1°/0,02 Sec
  • Weight: 100 kg

Bevel Head Material:

Body and Moving Components

  • Stainless Steel

Carriage & Torch holder

  • Aluminium