Genuine Consumables for plasma cutting – security for your production

Consumables for plasma cutting like nozzles, inner- and outer retaining caps, electrodes and swirl rings are available for the following Plasma Cutting Systems:

  • DAGGER 100
  • FineLine
  • ProLine
  • SR
  • TOMAHAWK® 1538 CNC
  • FLEXCUT® 125 CE

Our Genuine Consumables provides

  • Hafnium Optimization Technology (HfOT™) signi­ficantly increases electrode life
  • Patented Endura™copper electrode lasts anywhere up to 30 percent longer than competition depending on operating amperage and/or material type
  • Patented EnduraX™ silver electrode lasts up to 3 times longer than standard copper electrode depending on operating amperage and/or material type
  • Nozzle life is extended using very low transferred arc setting
  • Optimized nozzle design technology for dominant convective heat transfer resulting in longer nozzle life
  • Change consumables up to 6 times faster with quick-disconnect torch head

All precision machined parts holding high tolerance standards for better consumable concentricity which provide less than 2° of edge bevel with repeatability

Using competitive consumables cutting quality and durability cannot be ensured, furthermore invalidate the warranty on the torch heads.


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