• TORCHMATE plasma cutting machine
    Lincoln Electric Torchmate 4800 Plasma Cutting Table

TORCHMATE® 4400 / 4800

“plug and play” plasma cutting

Top Features TORCHMATE:

  • Complete cutting system with high-end SINGLE-SOURCE components
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cutting high-quality metal parts
  • For mild steel (up to 25 mm), stainless steel and aluminum
  • Maximum cutting range: 1,250 x 1,250 mm for TM 4400 and 1,250 x 2,500 for TM 4800
  • Mobile cutting system requiring little space
  • FLEXCUT 125A air plasma power source
  • ACCUMOVE controller incl. CAD/CAM Software and 20″ touch-screen control
  • water cutting table
  • Fast installation with minimal learning curve for operators
  • Ready for operation within less than one hour after delivery and installation

Processes :

  • Air plasma cutting, air plasma marking, mechanical marking optional
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Product description

The LINCOLN ELECTRIC  TORCHMATE 4400 | 4800 CNC plasma cutting systems are designed for expanding farbrication shops. The system components, the design and the mechanical construction are all made by LINCOLN ELECTRIC and are delivered with a two-year warranty. You will get a perfectly attuned plasma cutting system offering excellent performance and competent service with fast reaction times.  Thanks to fast delivery after order placement and easy installation and commissioning, as well as minimum set-up times, the TORCHMATE is ready for operation in a minimum of time. Once the TORCHMATE has been installed, you and your operators are ready to plasma-cut your first job in no more than one hour.

The TORCHMATE 4400 has a maximum cutting range of 1,250 x 1,250 mm, the TORCHMATE  4800 of 1,250 x 2,500mm. Mild steel of up to 25 mm can be cut with air plasma at an advance of up to 800 mm/minute, meeting high quality standards. This is ensured by the air plasma source FLEXCUT 125A. The FLEXCUT offers – as compared to the predecessor system – a 65 % higher cutting speed and 45 % savings on consumables. An integrated HMI touch-screen, a control console with adjustable industrial-grade mounting arm, the supplied CAD/CAM software and a dynamic motion control system all ensure a highly efficient and supplier-independent performance.

Technical details


  • TORCHMATE 4400:  1880 x 1710 x 1610 mm / TORCHMATE 4800:  1880 x 2900 x 1610 mm

Cutting range

  • TORCHMATE 4400:  1250 x 1250 mm / TORCHMATE 4800:  1250 x 2500 mm


  • TORCHMATE 4400:  382 kg / TORCHMATE 4800:  566 kg

Tool capacity

  • TORCHMATE 4400:  2 pcs. /TORCHMATE 4800:  2 pcs.

Water capacity

  • TORCHMATE 4400:  230 liters/ TORCHMATE 4800:  405 liters

Power/air requirements

  • TORCHMATE 4400 and 4800:  HMI and CNC control / 230V 16A 50Hz
  • Plasma power source / 380V 50A (FlexCut 125)
  • Torchmate 4400 and 4800:  air / 6,2 – 8,7 bar 260 SLPM (FlexCut 125)
  • Machine ground: Dedicated earth ground supplied by other

Precision gear rack and pinion drive system

  • Stepper motors: (3) 2,8Nm
  • Belt reduction: (3) 3:1
  • Linear guidance: 20 mm profile linear rail
  • Gear engagement: spring-loaded
  • Gantry carriage: Milled, 9.5 mm aluminum
  • Positioning speed: 12,700 mm/m
  • Machine repeatability: 0.381 mm
  • Gantry clearance: 127 mm
  • Frame construction: 48 mm mild steel

Cut capacity / maximum cutting speed (severance cut mild steel)

  • Maximum pierce capacity
  • 6 mm : 5300 mm/min
  • 12 mm: 2200 mm/min
  • 25 mm: 800 mm/min

Cutting charts

FLEXCUT 125 CE cutting charts


Consumables / Spares

You need spares or consumables for the TORCHMATE or FLEXCUT machines?  Please find the list of order numbers below:

Order number Designation
K4300-4 LC125M machine plasma cutting torch 7,5 m
K4300-5 LC125M machine plasma cutting torch 15 m
K4300-6 LC125M machine plasma cutting torch 22,5 m
K4400-25 CNC-interface cable, 7,5 m
K4400-50 CNC-interface cable, 15 m
BK14300-1 ELECTRODE (45-125A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-3 SHIELD CAP (45-65A), LC125M (2-PACK)
BK14300-4 SHIELD CAP(85A-105A-125A), LC125M (2-PK)
BK14300-7 NOZZLE (45A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-8 NOZZLE (65A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-9 NOZZLE (85A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-10 NOZZLE (105A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-11 NOZZLE (125A), LC125M (5-PACK)
BK14300-13 SWIRL RING (45A-125A), LC125M (2-PACK)
BK14300-14 RETAINING CAP (45A-125A), LC125M (1-PK)
BK14300-15 RETAINING CAP(45A-125A) CTP,LC125M (1PK)